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About the photographer 


   I was handed a camera at age 12 and loved what I could create through the lens. A couple of years later I was given a large amount of money to spend however I wished. I decided to purchase my first camera at the age of 15. Since then I have been capturing moments and making tangible images from what my eyes see. It had only been a hobby until I was a senior in high school; a friend of mine requested me to take her senior pictures. It was an amazing experience and actually working with a model in the photo allowed quite a different result than just working with what landscapes offered. There was something different about taking portraits that was rewarding in a new way.

            Not too long after my first portrait experience, more classmates and friends lined up for their senior photo sessions, too. As the demand for my photography grew, I realized I had found my passion. The more photos I took, the more I understood my love for the process. Working with people everyday gave me a platform to get to  know individuals through photographs; seeing them come alive in a still image. When working with a client, I want to capture who they are; what they are about,  their views, emotions. I will not falsely represent someone. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and that is what I want to capture.

                                          I began my photography career in 2010 and I find myself more fulfilled with each new shoot I set out on. 2013 began the journey of wedding photography and opened  yet another door of beautiful moments. Since putting myself into wedding photography I've had nothing but amazing people to work with. Collaborating with other photographers has taught me more about the business side and given me the opportunity to get out on the field of taking wedding photos professionally. Every bride and groom have been beautiful inside and out and have shown me what true love and magic really looks like. It's incredible to share part of such a sacred and holy day with two people who will cherish it forever. My goal is to make that day flow smooth and easy and present beautiful images that will last a lifetime at the end.



Things to know about Sami.

I love to Laugh!

I love Coffee.

My family is my joy and strength.

Puppies are adorable.

I work very hard.

I love My Husband, Joshua 

I enjoy my job very much!!

I love to travel.

I enjoy people and care about everyone no matter who you are or where you came from, or what you believe in.

My favorite colors are green and blue.  



Photo credits to my best friend 

Kg Lillian